Property Buyers Consultant

Estate agents sell properties. They are paid to get the best price and terms for the seller. They are legally responsible to act in the seller’s best interest. The seller has plenty of support from their estate agent and lawyer.

What About the Buyer?

The buyer is unfairly left to act on their own. This imbalance can have grave consequences, which is why the buyer needs somebody on their side. A property buyers consultant works for the buyer and the buyer alone. As South Africa’s premier property buyers consultant, SAHomeBuyers looks after your interests.

Be Assured of an Extensive, Meticulous Property Search

Property buyers consultants do not list or sell property. As a result, we can work with any real-estate agency or private seller without limitations or conflict of interest. This means we are able to locate each and every property for sale in Stellenbosch, whether they are offered for sale by an estate agent, developer or private seller.

You Save Money

The asking price for any property is determined by the seller and their agent, in an attempt to achieve the maximum purchase price. Buyers often make the mistake of relying on the agent to guide them, which is pretty self-defeating! A property buyers consultant is invaluable to the buyer during price negotiations.

Firstly, we use our industry experience, familiarity with the current market and access to the appropriate historical records to evaluate and establish the true value of the property. Then we help you negotiate the best possible purchase price, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions, of rands.

You Can Buy With Confidence

Purchasing a home in Stellenbosch is a transaction no one can afford to get wrong. However, for the buyer who has no professional support, it can be a daunting process. For example, when making an offer to buy a property, an Offer To Purchase agreement is completed.

This is a standardised document, riddled with legal terminology, and supplied by the seller’s estate agent. It is legally binding and often contains clauses determining that a property is sold as seen and that there is no cooling off period. In addition, a diminutive area is provided for buyers to insert any suspensive conditions.

Navigating this process with only the selling agent, and without any expert or legal help, can be extremely risky. As a property buyers consultant, SAHomeBuyers provides you with vital expert help and legal expertise during the entire purchasing process to make sure that your rights are 100% protected.

You Have a Positive Buying Experience

Searching for and purchasing a home in Stellenbosch should be an exciting and ultimately rewarding experience. Unfortunately, it frequently turns out to be the opposite. Due to the nature of their work, estate agents often place a lot of pressure on potential buyers. Agents are only paid on the sale of a property, yet they incur all the costs of advertising it and promoting it through websites, media and show days.

Typically this leads to selling agents beleaguering potential buyers with calls asking for feedback or pressurizing them to complete offers to purchase, or trying to get them to see more properties that they have for sale. Properties which may not even suit the potential buyer.

A property buyers consultant is unashamedly biased towards the buyer and works in your best interests. Not only does SAHomeBuyers not have the stress of trying to sell you a property in a certain period of time, but we will also deal with all agents on your behalf, thereby ensuring that you can make a well considered and unhurried decision.

Buying a property is a big financial and emotional investment. A property buyers consultant is there to support and assist you through the process, from start to finish. Change the way you think about buying property forever.

The Next Steps

Many prospective buyers have never before been introduced to a property buyers consultant, let alone used one. Buyers agents are common in many other countries, though, because they are buyer focused and help source and secure your ideal property (usually with large discounts). And in 99% of cases they are free of charge.

SAHomeBuyers is a property buyers consultant. Of course, we help search and secure that ideal Stellenbosch property, but we also put great emphasis on all the other considerations – both good and bad. Our only goal is to serve your interests and help you make the best informed decision.

Learn more about SAHomeBuyers and arrange to talk to one of our property consultants by e-mailing us here or telephoning + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.