Property in Stellenbosch

For anyone, buying a property in Stellenbosch is a huge financial and emotional investment. For an international buyer, the process is even more complex and risky.

SAHomeBuyers Helps International Buyers Purchase Property in Stellenbosch

International buyers face the challenges of unfamiliarity, timing and distance, ignorance of the South African system of buying and selling property, and the lack of independent support and expert guidance. SAHomeBuyers offers a tailored, tried and tested service to assist international buyers of property in Stellenbosch and eliminate risk.

You Benefit From Our Independence

SAHomeBuyers are registered estate agents with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. This ensures consumer protection and industry standing. However, as is clear from this website, we do not list or sell properties, or work for any seller of property, so we have no affiliation with them. And that means we look after your interests alone.


As an independent buyers consultant we access the entire market for our clients. We have no allegiance to anyone other than the buyer, which means that we impartially seek out each and every property in Stellenbosch, whether they are for sale through estate agents, private sellers or developers.

You benefit in two ways: you don’t have to do the exhausting and frustrating work of searching through countless websites and newspaper property sections, and also driving around fruitlessly with agents. And we provide you with the most comprehensive selection of property in Stellenbosch to choose from.

We Pay Attention To Your Requirements

We only search for a property in Stellenbosch that matches your checklist, and we know that budgets are there for us to beat, not exceed. We will not waste your time by assuming that you will settle for three bedrooms if you’ve specified four, or that a sea view is the same as a mountain view. We realise that priorities are important and that every detail counts.

We Provide Crucial Legal Support and Guidance

Unfortunately for the buyer, the South African property transaction process requires that the buyer pays for the attorney who looks after the seller’s interests. It is crucial therefore that you have your own legal support team.

We are not attorneys and do not claim to be, but we are familiar with the legal processes involved in purchasing a property in Stellenbosch and we know the pitfalls. We also retain an attorney qualified in property matters and together we will assist you through the entire purchasing process, from the Offer To Purchase to the conclusion. Our attorney also checks the title deeds.

We Save Our Clients Money On The Price

Our area property consultant is thoroughly up to date on property prices in Stellenbosch. In addition, they have access to a number of industry tools that provide selling prices, registered bonds and rebuilding costs. They are also experienced in property price negotiations and can unemotionally represent the buyer during price discussions. In almost every case, this means that we have saved our clients substantial sums of money.

We understand that international buyers may also require supplementary assistance. Our in-house experts can help with:

  • Permits and visas – both long and short stay;
  • Financial Matters such as transferring money and exchange control regulations;
  • Insurance – including house and medical;
  • Private banking;
  • International tax advice;
  • Company set up (for those wishing to commence business in South Africa).

Buying a property in Stellenbosch can be as daunting as it is exciting. SAHomeBuyers offers a discerning service, focused only on the buyer. This allows you to make informed and confident decisions.

The Next Steps

Many prospective buyers have never before been introduced to a property buyers consultant, let alone used one. Buyers agents are common in many other countries, though, because they are buyer focused and help source and secure your ideal property (usually with large discounts). And in 99% of cases they are free of charge.

Of course, we at SAHomeBuyers help search and secure that ideal Stellenbosch property, but we also put great emphasis on all the other considerations – both good and bad. Our only goal is to serve your interests and help you make the best informed decision.

Learn more about SAHomeBuyers and arrange to talk to one of our property consultants by e-mailing us here or telephoning + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.