Stellenbosch Schools

At SAHomeBuyers we understand that finding a perfect property is not the only factor to consider when purchasing a new home. For buyers with children, the home’s proximity to high-quality schools is always one of the top priorities.

A large part of the appeal of  purchasing a property in the picturesque and historic town of Stellenbosch, is the quality of the schools in the area. Stellenbosch is home to the University of Stellenbosch, one of South Africa’s foremost tertiary institutions. As such, it is an academic and cultural centre that is unique in the country. Stellenbosch also has some excellent schools.

Rhenish Primary School

Rhenish Primary School, founded in 1860, is an English medium co-educational state school. It is well known country-wide for being a centre of excellence and caters for children up to Grade 7. Classes are small, and teachers are dedicated to giving pupils individual attention, developing their confidence and self esteem, and fostering their love of learning.

Paul Roos Gymnasium

Founded on the banks of the Eerste River in 1866, Paul Roos Gymnasium is a bi-lingual a boys school with a tradition of excellence in all fields of education. The school, with its sprawling campus, is close to the University of Stellenbosch and shares a variety of its amenities, from internet to sport facilities. This prestigious school is well-known for its sporting achievements.

Stellenbosch Waldorf School

Stellenbosch Waldorf School focuses on developing children into empowered adults whose creativity, individualism and capacity for independent thought has been allowed to flourish, alongside confidence, self esteem and strength of character. Waldorf educated children are well prepared for dealing with the challenges and stresses of life beyond school, and with the strong foundation they have been given are able to fulfill their potential as students and as adults.

Stellenbosch High School

This Afrikaans, co-educational state school is a prestigious one for good reason. Pupils are encouraged to be be caring and courageous and independent-minded individuals. Graduates of the school become well-rounded and adjusted members of society who are not afraid to experience the reality of life and deal intelligently with all its challenges, including failure and success.

If you want to live in the historical town of Stellenbosch or in the winelands and you have children, rest assured that you will be able to place them in a good school close to home.

The Next Steps In Buying a Property in Stellenbosch

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